Christina Vicari

Environmental Project Specialist (EMS & Engergy)


Ms. Vicari has over 5 years of experience in Hawaii and Pacific as an Environmental Project Specialist and EMS trainer. Ms. Vicari assists in providing comprehensive environmental audit support, energy project development, and EMS training.

A few of Ms. Vicari’s projects are highlighted below.







Professional Experience

  • EMS Support, U.S. Army Reserves, Pacific.
    • Multimedia environmental audits are currently being conducted at 6 US. Army Reserve locations in Hawaii, Alaska, American Samoa, Guam, & Saipan.
    • Audit protocols encompass federal, state, and local environmental regulations, and include conformance with Executive Orders 13423 and 13514 Environmental Management Systems (EMS).
    • Critical to the audits is the standardization of the audit findings to support multiple facility corrective actions.
    • As part of our document control, responsible for the maintenance of the 9th MSC Environmental Intranet site which includes keeping hyperlinks current and operable. The site is used for EMS, some compliance, cultural/NEPA documentation as well as recycling and hazardous materials information board.
  • Energy Conservation & Renewable Energy Projects & Programs.
    To include:

    • Building Automation Systems for Fort Shafter Flats; 2013-2014
    • Smart Electrical Metering for American Samoa, Guam; Saipan and Maui_2013-2014
    • 100 kW Photovoltaic Project_Maui 2014
    • Rainwater Catchment System_American Samoa_2014
    • Lighting Reduction (DeLamp) Project Installation wide_2014-2015
    • NetZero candidate sites: A. Samoa, Guam, Saipan & Maui.
    • Cool Roof Application_Oahu and Guam_2013-2014
    • Removal of excess refrigerated Vending Machines_2013
    • Comprehensive Energy and Water Evaluation (Installation wide)_2013-2014 (assist contractors)
    • AEWRS (Army Energy Water Reporting System)
    • Building Energy Monitor Reporting (compilation of monthly checklists from facility managers)
  • EMS Support, Hawaii Army National Guard, (Big Island, Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Molokai)

    EMS support and training were provided for the development and implementation of EMS for the Hawaii Army National Guard soldiers. Work conducted at 3 bases in Hawaii, and one on each island referenced above. Responsibilities involved:

    • Preparation of Environmental Management Plans;
    • Prioritization of Environmental Aspect Inventories;
    • Preparation of EMS Manuals;
    • On-site training;
    • Resolved 49 of the 51 EMS Nonconformance findings based on a previous external EMS audit of the installation.
    • Reported the installation’s Solid Waste numbers into the Solid Waste Army Reporting web (SWARWEB).
    • Developed first paper recycling initiative (on our Oahu facilities) with Goodwill Industries.
    • WEBCASS software – input our compliance and EMS findings into the web based compliance assessment system. Tracked open, pending and closed findings uploading the appropriate documentation when necessary.
    • Conservation – Assist conservation team with week-long Invasive species eradication projects on Big Island. (myconia).

Awards & Recognitions

  • Commander’s Coin of Excellence Sept. 2012 Installation Commander, Brigadier General Michelle Compton
  • Commander’s Coin of Excellence March 2013 TSG Commander COL Eddie Rosado

Areas of Expertise

  • Environmental Management System/ ISO 14001
  • Environmental Management System (EMS) Auditing
  • Corrective Action Programs
  • Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation Project Development

Professional Affiliations

  • Hui o Ko’olaupoko 2010
  • Surf rider Foundation, 2010
  • Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary 2009
  • Nature Conservancy, 2007


  • University of Maryland, BS, Environmental Management, 2007.

Employment History

  • ITES, Aug 2013 to Present.
  • ESI, 2012 to 2013.
  • HIARNG, 2009 to 2012.