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“Thank all of you for participating in this workshop. This was one of the most exciting and energetic “classroom” events I have attended. I feel happy that there are so many trying to help our globe be a better place for all to live. Thanks Iris! Thanks! Excellent job!”

“Mahalo, Iris. I just want to say you are an excellent presenter who also shows a lot of aloha. We don’t always get both in one person! You have a very nice way about you.”

“Mahalo Iris, and thank you for a very informative and helpful workshop. I really enjoyed your training style, and got a lot out of the information you provided. Great job! a hui hou”

“Your background in developing training programs and conducting on-site training in environmental risk management, your attentiveness to students and participants, and your ability to ensure that training sessions are conducted smoothly makes you a true and valued asset to the NDPTC Ohana”  -See full NDPTC Letter

Mr. James Burke
Associate Director for Course Delivery
National Disaster Preparedness Training Center
July 12, 2013

“ITES is a key contractor of the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center (NDPTC), providing training, course development, and team facilitation work. Ms. Terashima has excellent organizational and time-management skills, and has successfully brought together multi-cultural groups to work together toward common goals.”

Mr. James Burke
Associate Director for Course Delivery
National Disaster Preparedness Training Center
July 2, 2013


“Sivuniq, Inc. (Sivuniq) is pleased to have ITES as a core member of our U.S. Space and Missile Defense Command (SMDC) Kwajalein Atoll Environmental Program team. We appreciate the ITES contribution to our overall program with high-end technical consulting services on environmental issues…

ITES has greatly enhanced our team and supported Sivuniq with overall delivery of a high-end service to our SMDC client. We look forward continuing working directly with ITES and jointly pursuing other projects in Alaska, the Lower 48, and the Pacific.”

Brad H. Chastain, CPG
President, Sivuniq Inc.
October 12, 2011


“PHE is currently working with ITerashima on a project to conduct (EMS) audits for the Department of Veterans Affairs facilities in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Montana. ITerashima’s performance to date has been outstanding. Their technical work is thorough and has been repeatedly praised by our client… We have been completely satisfied with ITerashima’s performance from both a technical and administrative/project management standpoint. We would team with ITerashima again without hesitation.”

John Ribar, P.E.
Vice President/Principal
Potomac-Hudson Engineering, Inc.
October 9, 2011


“I’d like to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding support provided by Ms. Iris Terashima during her visit with the 611th Air Support Group on 27-21 Aug 09 at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska.

Ms. Terashima’s support enabled my staff to address findings of the recent independent audit of our Environmental Management System (EMS). She corrected many findings of the audit and provided options for corrective actions to address other findings. Her enthusiastic support was instrumental in my decision to declare full EMS implementation a full 4 months earlier than anticipated.

Please pass along my appreciation to Ms. Terashima for a job well done!”

Robyn M. Burke
Colonel, USAF
September 8, 2010


“I would like to commend the work of Ms. Terashima and her team…Ms. Terashima’s expert management skills kept the base on track to identify realistic objectives and targets which allowed us to present clear and concise plant to our management group detailing how we were going to meet our goals. Her technical expertise, in all areas of the environment, helped us to identify specific environmental issues to address… Her interpersonal skills allowed diverse groups to work together to develop tools to improve how Eielson AFB manages the environment as well as addressing specific shop considerations.”

Frances Isgrigg, P.E.
Eielson AFB Environmental Flight Chief
October 9, 2011


“Ms. Terashima was able to undertake a very large-scale property assessment review in a very short timeframe. Her team worked well under pressure, and was able to provide high quality work products that allowed for closure prior to the project deadline. Excellent work.”

Ethan Bornstein
Vice President, REIT Management and Research
July 11, 2002